domoXim Real Estate supports local artists

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 14:47

While we still show some of Monique François works in our office in Sterrebeek, An Vanhentenrijk has a dozen works placed in our new office in Boortmeerbeek.


An is a professional calligrapher for whom calligraphy is "drawing and painting with letters" . Sometimes very accurately, other times rude and inattentive, on paper, canvas, glass or wood. An exhibited in most neighboring countries and very recently in Moscow. We are proud to be able to exhibit her works in our office. You are always welcome to enjoy with us this very special art form.

For all rental properties that are more than 70 years old, landlords should now place smoke detectors.


A house without proper smoke detectors is considered 'non-compliant'.  This does not mean the house is unfit or uninhabitable, but letting it is punishable. It requires a little effort from the owner to install approved smoke detectors, and considerably increases in any case the safety of all residents.